Do you have Tplink wifi router at your home or office? If yes, then we are going to provide some useful information regarding your Tplink wifi router. In tplink router, you not only get advanced router settings but also get the chance to use useful features. Today, we will be going to discuss, one of them. We all appreciate wifi connectivity because it frees us from the restriction for being at one place. The same benefit, you get from the Tplink wifi router. You can configure remote management, in your Tplink wireless router. If you are not aware of such thing, in your Tplink router, we will help you in its configuration. For this, process, you will require using the default IP address of admin log in tp link router. So, for now, let’s get started with the Steps to configure Remote Management, in Tplink wireless router.

Steps To Configure Remote Management on Tplink Wifi Router

•    Launch a web browser first, and enter Tplink admin log in tp link, into the address bar.

•    You can also use the Router default web address, which is

•    If both the address doesn’t work, take our help. Non-working of the default IP address can because of LAN IP vary by model.

•    You can verify the Tplink router default LAN IP address, from the bottom of the Tplink wifi router.

•    Next, when you see Tplink router login window, put the login credentials, in the given fields.

•    By default, a Tplink router login credentials are Admin.  Make sure you won’t use Caps Lock while entering login details.

•    Now, visit the security option & click on the Remote Management, which can be located at the left side.

•    You will see the Remote Management function disable, by default. To enable this, simply change the Remote Management IP address. To know how to change the Remote Management IP address, call us we will help you.

If you wish to enhance security, you can make changes, in the Web Management port.

Troubleshoot the Unable to Access Admin Log in Tp Link Issue

Well, this problem is quite common. To resolve this issue, simply follow these steps, we are providing you.

•    First, disable the Wifi, to do this, press the button on the rear of the router.

•    Next, restart your Router & modem.

•    Now, connect your computer to your Tplink router, by the use of LAN cable.

•    Afterward, enter the default IP address, admin log in tp link into browser address bar.

To know, what to do next, simply call us at our toll-free number. As we have a full-fledged team of router experts, who can help you in Tplink router setup. Or you can also fix the issues, which might trouble you, by asking troubleshooting from us. So, call us today, to get detailed information about this topic. We will revert back to you in no time.