Tplink router brand doesn’t require any formal introduction. Tplink brand is famous for manufacturing high-end routers and extenders. Besides this, they are also known for their user-friendly web-based management page. The tplink router web-based management page is actually an in-built internal web server. It doesn’t require any active internet connection, but your device requires an internet connection, & it should be connected to the TP-Link router. You can choose any connection type for tplink router login & setup. Connection type can be either wireless or wired. Another important point that most of the Tplink router users ignore is, web browser compatibility.

It is essential to make use of the supported web browser to login to your router’s web- based management page. If you don’t follow this point, you will face an issue in your router setup. So, if you don’t want to face issues like, unable to log into the interface of the router or other issues like this , opt for a supported web browser. Beside this, try to make use of a wired connection whether you are changing router’s wireless settings or upgrading router firmware. Here on this page, we intend to guide you about the complete tplink router login method. So, if you are looking forward for the same, read this page from top to bottom carefully. For now, let’s start the process of Tplink login.

How to Login To Tplink Router Web Interface?

• With the help of the web-based utility of your Tplink router, managing & configuring the Tplink router becomes easy.

• Launch a web browser on your computer or a wireless device.

• Next, enter the default IP address of the router, into browser’s address bar. By default, Tp link router comes with this IP address:

• In case, the IP address doesn’t display the tplink router login page, try to use its web address.

• If you using Tplink wifi router, use a default web address. This will display login window of the Tplink router.

• When you see Tplink router login window, on your computer screen, feed in default router login credentials.

• Like any other branded router, tplink router also comes with default login credentials.

• Tplink router makes use of Admin, as its default username & password.

What If Default Tplink Router Login Credentials Don’t Work?

If this happens to you, try to recall if you have made any changes to tplink router login details or not? If you have made changes to login details, enter these customized details in the given fields. In case, the problem still exists try to reset your device to its default factory settings. To know how to reset your device, give us a call on our toll-free number. We are Can’t always there to help you.

Can’t Access default Web Address?

This is another common issue, which a Tplink user faces during the tplink router login process. Usually, users receive issue in accessing the router web address. They get an error message like; ‘this site can’t be reached’ just after entering the web address. It happens due to various reasons. We will now discuss these reasons one by one. Go through these points and troubleshoot the login issues.

Physical Connection between Router & Device

We have already mentioned above that Tplink router web-based management page doesn’t require an internet connection. There still is a need for a physical connection between your router and the wireless device. So, connect your PC to the router through an Ethernet Cable. Take Ethernet cable and plug it into the router’s LAN port. If your Tplink router doesn’t have any LAN port, connect to its wireless network.

IP Information

In order to access the Tplink router login page, your PC or device must receive an IP address from the router. Check if DHCP function is enabled or not in your Tplink router? By default, Tplink routers have DHCP function enabled. You can also manually setup the IP address. To know the steps, call us at our toll-free number.

Check the Browser Settings

If you don’t get help from the above-given steps, try this one. Enter the tplink router default IP address or web address into browser’s address bar. Never do mistake of entering the addresses into the search bar if you do so, you won’t be able to access tplink router login page.

Anti-Virus or Firewall

It is true that Anti-Virus or Firewall blocks the access to your router. So, to fix the issue, shutdown the Anti-Virus or Firewall. In the rarest of case, you might need a software for the removal of the Anti-Virus or Firewall. To know more about Tplink router login process and how to access its default web address, give us a call today.

How to Reset the Tplink Router to Its Factory Default Settings?

If none of the above-mentioned steps are able to help you, reset your device to roll it back to its default factory settings. This is the only way to get your router back to its default settings once again and to fix the present issue. Keep in mind that by resetting the device, you will lose all the settings and preferences set by you. Even your network devices will be disconnected from the network if you have decided to reset the device. Take a look at the required steps to reset the device.

Tplink Router Hard Reset

• With the Tplink router powered on, simply press and hold the reset button, for about 10 seconds.

• Check the LED light if they display quick flash and then slow flash.

• Now, release the Reset button and wait for the router to reboot to its default factory settings.

So, these are a few steps which will help you in resetting the device. If you wish to take help for further steps or for a Tplink router login talk to our experts today.